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Timeshare Scam Hotline

Timeshare Scam Hotline


In collaboration with Timeshare Specialists, Inc. and Resort Closings, Inc. we maintain a record of all timeshare related scams that are reported to us by owners. If you think you have received a fraudulent offer, please search the database below or call the phone number above.

CompanyNamesPhone & Email Info
Bayview Property ManagementBrian West
David Forester
1601 5th Ave Seattle, WA 98101
P. (206) 483-0053
F. (206) 858-9642
Perpetrator of scams involving timeshare properties in Mexico
Escrow OneDavid Alderman(206) 388-4847
Phony escrow company often used by Bayview Property Mgmt and Oakwood Property Mgmt. May also go by the name of Is David Manor or David Forester.
Joseph ManningOperates independently but pretends to use First American Title, a legitimate escrow agency, to appear
Poses as hearing impaired as part of his ploy to avoid phone communication and create sense of urgency when he goes in for emergency hearing surgery.
Oakwood Property ManagementRobert Botelo - Managing Director
Brian Whitlock - Co-Managing Director
Amy Read
(206) 607-9701 and (206) 535-1309Involved with Mexican timeshare scams and phony escrow company, Escrow One
Absolutely Amazing Vacations Kevin

(404) 424-8815
Involved with scam to purchase Grand Mayan and solicit wire fraud. We've seen this scam twice so far this year.
Best Timeshare Sellers John Smith123 Main St, New York, NY 10809
Timeshare Owners ReliefWalter Disque
122 Seascape Drive , Suite 1607, Destin FL 32550
Also uses name Jerry Rogers using phone 850-598-4398
Mark DiazUses website ( is a legitimate website)1-80-728-1292
Fax: 1-800-985-4354
Mark Diaz uses the name of a real company, Decolar to hide behind.
The Club Exchange ProgramAnthony Walker702-342-1386Uses the website (currently offline 10/18/2017)
Benchmark EscrowMicheal Copeland 206-565-0004
Fax- 206-565-0004
201-377-5952 (phony website registered to this #)
Phony escrow company -
(created in June of 2017). Most likely hiding behind legitimate company,
Emerald Properties Group and International Sales Group New YorkNicholas Foster
Lisa Haber
600 Lexington Ave, 32nd Floor, NY
Silver City PropertiesRichard Davis
Ben Carmona
Peter Lane
Jean Barber
Jesse Conde
347 E. Main St. Suite 301. Rochester, NY 14604
This is a recent scam, with reports beginning in early 2018. They are offering making purchase offers, unsolicited, via phone for Mexican properties. Of course you must wire money for fees, (between 3-7K) and here is where the scam starts. Using multiple alias. None of the names shown have profiles on the website and no professional profiles of these individuals can be found anywhere on the web. One reports claims they want to use "American Finance" for escrow, but there is no record of this company online. More information here:
Superior Resales ServicesMichael Thomson, Sales Agent
Ralph J. Shaw, Sales Director
Susan C. Beckner, Secretary
Thomas Brito, Acting Sales Director
944 S. Calhoun St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
(260) 220-1096
Will contact owner with claims of a buyer willing to pay outrageous sum. Wants seller to wire money for fees. . There is no business registered in the state of Indian by Superior Resales Service, or anything resembling that name.
Luxury CondosJesse Diaz - Luxury Condos -
Ginger Young - -Claiming to work for Resort Closings out of Bozeman, MT.
Jesse Diaz contacted a timeshare owner, claiming her info was found on Florida Dept. of Agriculture website. He presented her with offer to buy her timeshare and said his associate Ginger Young would contact her to begin the closing - claiming Young worked for legitimate escrow company Resort Closings Inc.
Bavaro Timeshare ClosingMARIAN DAYENI LUNA CASTRO - Broker

TELEPHONE: 916-222-5118
Toll Free (800)498-9530
Fax 844 296 0941
3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy Suite 178
Las Vegas, NV 89169
This outfit was caught offering 80K for a Grand View Las Vegas timeshare to an unsuspecting couple. They became suspicious when they were asked to wire money to buyers in Dominican Republic.
"private buyer"Samuel Lechter
Kelly Ivan
k.ivan55@outlook.comThis looks like a classic Joseph Manning timeshare scam. Click here for more details
Westwood Reality of Arizona"Original Investor"Cannot find any entity matching this description online.Man calls owners claiming to be original investor who wants more control of resort so increasing his timeshare holdings and offered 25K. Wanted to use 100% Escrow out of Colorado which maintains it is a legitimate ecrow company unaware of this scam.
1(800) 405-8498
(707) 876-4304
Posing as Timeshare Specialists (

No legitimate social media links.

BBB credential is false

Elaborate digital timeshare scam spanning 3 sites.
Worldwide Timeshare Exchange5444 Crenshaw Los Angeles 90043
(323) 815-4521
Company claims to use Resort Closings Inc., a reputable timeshare closing and escrow company to accept funds. RC Inc. does not work with this company and the documents they use are dated and use an old address. Buchanan 1 866-898-0995

155 West 19th street, New York , NY, 10011
Offering upwards of 50K for Mexican timeshare properties.
Going Places Travel Inc.
Also affiliated with Getaway Travelers Inc.
Ron Fuentes, Jacob Diaz, Robert Kistner ,David Marple (CEO)2180 Satellite Blvd #400 Duluth Georgia 30097

Getaway Travelers Inc.(400 Galleria Pkwy SE STE 1500 Atlanta, GA 30339-5953)
They used fake notary public stamps and false guarantees, they promised no money up front but that soon ends with requests for funds transfers. Work in conjunction with Escrow Holding Management (see below).
Escrow Holding ManagementNeil Thompson CEO, Richard Harris, Joey Pennington, Henry Lancaster CFO
Phone: +1 (862) 307 8856
Fax: +1 (732) 391 6698
Worked with Going Places Travel
Sheila Kolbe, Esq.
Victim of identity theft!
Sophia Sotomayor (alleges she is from Sheila Kolbe Law Office) Mark Lopez with Key to Vacation individual is posing as Sheila Kolbe, a lawyer in Wisconsin, but is using fake address and contact information. The real Sheila Kolbe does not handle any real estate law or transactions.
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