FAQ: Selling A Timeshare

Selling a timeshare can be more complicated than it seems. As you go through the process we’ve complied a list of the questions you will likely encounter along the way.

How quickly will my timeshare sell?
The timing for selling your timeshare depends on a number of factors including the asking price, desirability of your ownership compared to others listed, resort location, whether your resort is in active sales, and whether there is someone looking for what you are selling. The resale market and sales process is very different than the resort sales but we make sure we advertise in the correct places to put the most number of perspective buyers in front of your listing. While we can not guarantee that your timeshare will sell in any amount of time we do guarantee you won’t find a team more dedicated to finding a new owner for your timeshare than us.
How do I price my listing so it sells?
It is very important to price your listing competitively in order to get any attention. Take a look at the prices other owners are listing their timeshare that is similar to yours. If there are not too many listings for your resort then take a look at listings at resorts in the same area that are comparable. This should give you a better idea of what a good listing price is.
I don’t know the exact details of my ownership. Can you help?
Yes, we can. We can request an estoppel from your resort which outlines your ownership details. If you are interested in ordering an estoppel from your resort please Click Here. This will also make your listing appeal to more buyers because you have confirmed the details right away.
How do you advertise my timeshare to the world?
Unlike most other listing sites, we know that resale buyers are very specific in what they are looking for. We also have 15 years of data on where the hot spots for timeshare owners are in the US. We advertise to those hotspots . We also do direct email and geolocation specific campaigns. Our efforts strive to reach people who have just sat through a presentation at resorts and those currently on vacation.
What is the next step after I have lined up a buyer?
Contact Resort Closings, Inc. to start your closing. You can click here to fill out their form to being the process. The friendly staff at Resort Closings, Inc. has completed over 65,000 timeshare closings in the last 15 years. Each resort has a different process and cost and your closing agent will be able to explain the process and fees once they receive your information.
How do I know my buyer is legitimate?
We monitor the visitors and communications made through our site. If we find someone who is attempting to scam our customers we will notify the listing owner as well as file the scammers information in our scam database. The scam database is available for anyone to see. It can be found here. However, if your buyer requests you to send them any money then it is 100% a scam. If you believe you are being scammed please report it to us.
Why is my timeshare not selling?
There are numerous reasons that you may not be receiving any inquiries for your listing. Your asking price may not be attractive to perspective buyers. Your ownership may be an older type of ownership that the resort no longer sells. Your resort may not have an active sales team. Your week or unit may not be as desirable as others that are listed. Providing as much information as possible, including the resorts you have been able to trade into, the rental ability of your week, and how often your maintenance fees increase, is helpful to perspective buyers.
I own a fixed or floating week and it comes with points. How should I list it?
We recommend listing your ownership with the points information being most prevalent. You can add the week and unit information in the description box. Most buyers who are looking for points are most concerned with the points information and less concerned with the week and unit information.
I have already used or banked my week for this year or next year. Should I wait to list it?
We recommend listing right away. As you know, reservations are best when booked as far in advance as possible, so even though you may not have usage for a year or two it is best to list now. It may take a while to find a new owner, and closings typically take 2-5 months. Timeshare buyers are looking years down the road for their next vacation ownership.
Can I list my timeshare if I still have a mortgage?
Yes, you can list and sell your timeshare if you are still paying on the loan. However, the balance of the loan will need to be paid at closing. You can either pay it off yourself or price it accordingly to cover the remaining balance.
I don’t see any other listings for my resort. What does that mean?
It could mean a couple of things. It could mean that your resort sells out quickly and has buyers chomping at the bit. It could also mean that your resort is newer and there are not many owners looking to sell just yet. It could also mean that your resort likes to purchase the units from the owners instead of having them listed on the resale market. Often times smaller resorts don’t have as many owners so the number of listings will be a lot smaller than the larger resorts
I don’t see my resort listed when trying to make a new listing. What does this mean?
Our system has most timeshares in the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. If your resort is outside those areas or you don’t see it in our list please contact us here. We will add it to our system and let you know so you can go about listing your ownership for sale.
My resort has special privileges such as day usage, golf discounts, waterpark passes, free internal exchanges, etc. Should I mention that in the listing?
Yes, listing the perks of your ownership will help it stand out. List those benefits in the description area of the listing. Buyer’s looking for specific things such as day usage and internal exchanging will want to know about these things.
I am not sure exactly what I own. How do I list it?
We can help you with that. We can request an estoppel from your resort and help you understand it, and create your listing with the information provided by your resort. Click here to order an estoppel from your resort.
When I purchased from the resort they said I get free additional weeks each year. Should I mention this in my listing?
Most of the time those free extra weeks that are offered when you purchased are just extra accommodation certificates through an exchange company. Unfortunately, they will not transfer to your buyer when you sell the ownership. They are perks the resort offers to people who purchase from them directly.
I called my resort and they said they are selling my ownership for $xx,xxx. Should I list my ownership around that price?
The resort and developers have a unique position they are able to sell in. They can and do charge those prices for many reasons. They have a captive audience that are required to sit through the whole presentation. They also have very skilled sales people. Being located at the resort and selling to people who are on vacation is another advantage they have. Generally, resale prices are less than 30% to 1% of what the resort/developer is charging because of all these reasons. While we advertise online where the people staying at the resort are going to see your listing, we don’t have the same ability to sit those people down in a presentation and explain all the benefits of timeshare ownership. We have compiled a database of past purchases that you can view here. These prices are more in line with what your timeshare may be going for on the resale market.
My resort has something called right of first refusal. Do I have to tell them I am planning on selling it before I can list it?
No, your resort does not need to know you are listing your timeshare. Right of first refusal will be taken care by the closing company. They will submit your sale to the resort/developer for their right of first refusal. At that point your resort decides if they want to purchase your unit back at the same terms a buyer is offering.
Can I list and sell my timeshare if I lost my deed or ownership documents?
Yes, if you can’t find your deed or ownership documents you can still list and sell your timeshare. Once you have an agreement with the buyer, our closing company can retrieve your deed from the county where the timeshare is located. If you own a non deeded timeshare the closing company will request ownership and transfer documents from the resort.
Do I need to hire a broker to sell my timeshare?
No, you do not need to hire a broker to sell your timeshare. Just like selling a home by owner, you can sell a timeshare by owner. We can answer almost any questions you may have and if you would like to list your timeshare with a broker feel free to give us a call or send us an email.
Do I need to get my timeshare appraised before I list and sell it?
No, appraisals are not required to sell a timeshare. The reason most real estate transactions require an appraisal is because there is someone loaning money for the purchase. That person or company loaning the money wants to know what it should go for on the open market in the event the buyer stops paying.
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