About Us

Over a decade ago if you sold a timeshare on the resale market, you had to pay the same company that transferred the ownership of your home to transfer your timeshare. The service was overpriced and didn’t fit the timeshare product. The founder of our sister company, Resort Closings, seized the opportunity and created a firm specializing in the transfer of timeshare properties at a price that was affordable for owners. Now, we’re applying that same philosophy to timeshare listings.

Most listing sites charge a large upfront fee, which can be over $1,000, just to list your timeshare! Our model is different, we charge a low monthly subscription fee, so you only pay while your listing is active. If you sell your timeshare in two months you only pay for two months, it’s a simple as that. As a bonus, when you find a new owner for your timeshare (even if it isn’t through this site), we’ll even throw in a 10% discount on transfer and deeding service from Resort Closings. Around here we refer to this process as “The Smart Way to Sell a Timeshare”, to get started, click here to create an account and begin your listing. 

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