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Over fifteen years ago we started Resort Closings, Inc. to transfer timeshare ownerships on the resale market. Since then, we have completed over 60,000 sales and transfers on the resale market.

That means not only 60,000 happy sellers but also 60,000 happy buyers, many will purchase again, and this is the site they’ll visit. The reason is simple, no high-pressure sales, no gimmicks, and best of all no mortgages. Just reasonable prices that lead to big vacation savings.

Too many sellers told us they spent hundreds or even thousands in listing fees, so Buy and Sell Timeshare uses simple subscription pricing at only $9.99 per month. When your timeshare sells, you’ll even get 10% off of all closing and escrow services from Resort Closings, Inc. You won’t find a more affordable and hassle-free way to buy or sell a timeshare on the internet. is owned and operated by Timeshare Specialists, Inc.

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Selling a timeshare can be more complicated than it seems. It is important to remember that the resorts and developers have highly trained sales staff, expensive marketing programs, and they sell their product without competition. Think of it this way if a resort is selling timeshares for $20,000 it’s a good bet $10,000 goes to sales and marketing.

Resale buyers are selective and frugal, they do the hard work of educating themselves and determine which ownership will save them money. Original purchase prices don’t matter, resale buyers are looking at the annual fees and determining how much they can save in the future.

Be mindful of this information when selling your timeshare and it will lead to success. We’re here to help by providing answers to the most commonly asked question in our FAQs below.

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