Terms and Conditions

Listing Terms and Conditions

By completing a listing and purchasing a subscription on Buy and Sell Timeshares you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

Listing Details. All details of your listing are accurate to the best of your knowledge. You assert that you have the necessary rights to use, edit, display, and otherwise exploit for the purposes of marketing your ownership, any text descriptions, graphics, images, and other content which you transmit to Buy and Sell Timeshares. Lister further indemnifies Buy and Sell Timeshare against any damages which may arise from inaccurate listing details or any text description, graphics, images or other content which may violate the intellectual property rights of any third party.

Unit Ownership. You agree that you are the owner of the unit/week/points/club described or have the legal right to act on the rightful owner’s behalf.

Prompt Communication. You will make a good faith effort to respond to all inquiries or questions in a timely fashion, normally within two business days.

Fee Disclosure. You will disclose any fees which are not included in the listing price, including but not limited to any mandatory transfer fee, all-inclusive fees, credit check fee, past-due maintenance fees to be paid by purchaser, or any other third party deeding or transfer fees which are intended to be the responsibility of the buyer.

Cancellation and Refunds. Your subscription may be cancelled for a full refund within 48 hours of your purchase. If you wish to cancel your subscription after 48 hours has passed from the time of purchase your cancelation will go into effect on the next renewal date of your subscription and no refund will be issued.

Removal of Listing. If you sell or other divest of your ownership prior to the expiration of your listing it is your responsibility to notify Buy and Sell Timeshares to ensure prompt removal of the listing and cancellation of your subscription. Removal of any listing will automatically cancel your membership at the end of the current subscription cycle. No refund will be provided for sold listings.

No Guarantee of Sale. Buy and Sell Timeshare makes no representations as whether or not your ownership will sell or how long it will take to sell your ownership.

Fraudulent or Spam Communication. You understand that inquires and offers received via the Buy and Sell Timeshare Inquiry/Offer Message Relay system are not reviewed and are not guaranteed to be authentic. It is the lister’s responsibility to determine if an offer is valid or retain the services of a third party to ensure the offer is genuine. Lister indemnifies and holds Buy and Sell Timeshares harmless from any and all losses or damages arising from fraudulent or spam communication through the messaging system, or any subsequent communication first started through the messaging system

State Law. Lister understands that there may be laws in their home state which apply to your activity on Buy and Sell Timeshares. You agree that you understand and will follow any applicable local law which may govern your activity on Buy and Sell Timeshares.

Resort Rules. Lister understands that there may be rules set forth by their timeshare owners association, management company, or resort which govern the transfer of their ownership. Lister agrees to follow any and all rules set forth by the relevant home owners association, club or resort.

General Terms and Conditions

All Users of Buy and Sell Timeshares agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

No Control Over Transactions. Buy and Sell Timeshares does not represent or act on behalf of users of the site, all transactions are controlled by the seller/lister and the buyer. Buy and Sell Timeshares makes no guarantees or warranties with regard to the accuracy, quality, safety, legality, or legitimacy of content posted on the site by either party to a transaction or potential transaction. Buy and Sell Timeshare is not responsible for any problems that arise between the two parties to a transaction.

Responsibility for Inaccuracy in Listings. Buy and Sell Timeshares is not responsible for inaccuracies or typos in listings. It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify the details of a listing and the lister agrees to provide accurate information to prospective buyers.

User Identification. Buy and Sell Timeshares takes steps to ensure that users control the email accounts associated with their user account. Beyond this action Buy and Sell Timeshares does not take additional steps or assume any liability that may arise from user’s who misrepresent their age or identity. It is the user’s responsibility to confirm identification during the transfer process or retain the services of a third-party company facilitate the transfer.

Prohibited Use. Users agree and understand that all of the following are prohibited:

  1. Collecting, copying, aggregating, scraping or displaying any information displayed on the site through the use of any data gathering and extraction tools, programming, or manual data collection.
  2. Reproduction or reverse engineering of any part of the site.
  3. Use of any part of the site to transmit information that is in any way false, fraudulent or misleading.
  4. Use of the inquiry/offer functionality for any purpose other than to make a genuine inquiry about the details of the listing or to make an offer to purchase an ownership outlined in a listing.
  5. Solicitation.
  6. Spam communication.
  7. Posting of links to third party sites.
  8. Any use that adversely effects the performance or function of the site.

Reporting of Suspicious Activity. User’s may report suspicious activity or a violation of any of these terms to Buy and Sell Timeshare via email to If Buy and Sell Timeshares receives credible information about fraudulent or spam activity, we will notify the relevant users. However, Buy and Sell Timeshares does not represent or warrant that the notification will reach all relevant user or that the notification with prevent any harm or damages incurred by the users of the site.

Rule of Law. Buy and Sell Timeshare is a U.S. corporation in the state of Montana, any conflict that arises between users and Buy and Sell Timeshares will be governed by the laws of Montana and resolved in the courts of Gallatin County, Montana. Users further agree to know, understand, and follow any relevant Federal, State, and Local laws which may apply to transactions which originate on Buy and Sell Timeshare.

Privacy Policy. All users have read and agree to our Privacy Policy.

Change of Terms. From time to time Buy and Sell Timeshare may need to revise these terms and it is the responsibility of the users to review and adhere to these Terms of Use.

Interaction and/or Linking to Third Party Sites. may contain links to other websites, domains, resources, and social media connections. While we maintain these connections, this is not an endorsement by us for any third party. Additional tools and services may be provided via this site to interact with social media platforms. We are not responsible for your use of any third-party sites, connections, domains, or resources and said third party platforms will be in no way governed by these General Terms of Use.

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