A special secured account used to hold funds from the buyer and seller related to the purchase of a property.

Disclosure Statement

A document that provides the details of the purchase, including the breakdown of costs and distribution of proceeds.


A legal document that certifies ownership. Learn how to create a timeshare deed by clicking here.


The final act of a real estate transaction signifying mutual acceptance of financial and legal matters indicated by the signing and recording of deeds and the disbursing of funds.

Check-in Time

The assigned hour an interval week begins. The interval owner need not check in at the precise time; however, late check-in does not extend the interval week beyond the assigned check-out time.

Check-in Date

The assigned date and day of week the interval week begins (usually Friday, Saturday or Sunday). The check-in day begins the seven-day interval week.


Features that add value to the property; such as swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses or boating facilities.

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